prescription painkiller epidemic

Prescription Painkillers; The Collateral Side- Effects

Orthopaedic Surgeons are very familiar with pain. In some cases we are in fact the cause of this pain or at a minimum a contributing factor e.g. surgery, fracture alignment etc. In most cases we would generally utilize OTC and prescription strength pain relievers such as Ibuprofen and acetaminophen etc. as the first choice in the management of pain in our patients. For more severe pain, we would typically prescribe narcotics (“opioids”) such as Hydrocodone, OxyContin and Percocet etc. Unfortunately, we’ve recently come to appreciate that there are significant short and long term adverse side effects associated with these types of medications, some of which are extremely severe e.g. constipation, respiratory depression, addiction and death to name a few.

There are other associated or collateral side effects that aren’t talked about as much, but are probably just as prevalent. For example, in many cases after patients become addicted to these medications, their lives often take a turn for the worse both personally and professionally. They are often unfairly labeled and subsequently ostracized in their households, families, places of employment and in their communities. This negative stigma often then spirals into their having feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth, hopelessness and despair. So it comes as no surprise as since the advent of the prescription painkiller epidemic of over-prescribing and abuse, we’ve also seen an increase in the number of suicides in the U.S.

Over the past decade there has been a significant surge in the prescribing of painkillers which has been a major contributing factor in the epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse, overdose and unintended death in the U.S. And to make matters worse, the medical community continues to compound the problem. For example per IMS data as of the year ending September 30, 2014 in the U.S. physicians wrote 123.3 million prescriptions for generic Vicodin, the number one prescribed generic medication in the U.S.

 painkiller epidemic

The American Academy of Pain Management estimates that there are approximately 100 million people in the U.S. dealing with some form of chronic pain which makes this patient population in particular more prone to become addicted to these powerful painkillers. Furthermore, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates that there are approximately 9.4 million people in the U.S. using opioids for the management of long term pain with 2.1 million addicted. These numbers highlight the sense of urgency we must take as a nation in finding safer, non-habit forming pain relief options for both patients and consumers.

non-narcotic pain relief alternatives

There is good news however. Ultimaxx Health, an early stage Natural Pharma company, is dedicated to ending this epidemic and therefore has developed LEVARE (la-var-ay) a patented, safe, effective, clinically tested, non-narcotic, non-habit forming, natural OTC pain relief alternative to prescription opioids and other OTC pain relievers that are laden with significant adverse side effects. LEVARE has proven to be very effective in providing fast, lasting relief of most types of pain without any significant adverse side effects. Ultimaxx Health intends to educate patients, consumers, Government and Non-government organizations, our U.S. Military, clinicians and relevant parties etc. about this amazing natural pain relief alternative. The public deserves our best and Ultimaxx Health is committed to providing them with exactly that.